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Rail Baltica: facing up to climate change

Release time:2019-12-19 21:35:36

      With higher temperatures and more floods forecast in the coming decades, Rail Baltica commissioned a study to assess the consequences of climate change on the upcoming rail network. What are the ramifications of such forward-thinking research?European operators have only just started acknowledging the many impacts climate change could have on their centuries-old networks, as they become increasingly exposed to temperature rises and harsher weather conditions. As European countries rush to develop resilience measures and start investing heavily on future-proofing their lines, there is plenty to learn for future and present constructors.

       In September this year, Rail Baltica became a pioneer in this field after publishing the results of a study that assessed the impacts of expected climate variations on the upcoming line. Set to become operational in 2026, the 870km railway will connect the three Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the rest of Europe in what is claimed to be the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in the region. As the title suggests, the ‘Study on climate change impact assessment for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of Rail Baltica railway’ report also provided a set of guidelines to follow before, during and after the construction of the network.Yet with uncertainty and unpredictability being the common denominator of the climate change crisis, it is hard to establish how accurately the company can prepare for it.

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