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Consolatory Letter From UITP to China Civil Engineering Society

Release time:2020-02-14 10:45:38

To: China Civil Engineering Society, Public Transport Society of China 

10th February 2020

Since the turning of the Chinese New Year, the outbreak of a new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, has spread into many cities. The whole world noticed that the Chinese government and people across the country have been taking a series of strong measures and nation- wide actions to prevent and control the epidemic. The Chinese people's sincere unity, strong will and patience in fighting against this epidemic outbreak are highly respected by the world.

Your organization has also actively participated in the national epidemic prevention and control work. UITP would like to express its sympathy and care to your organization. We will always stand by you and sincerely hope that China will soon overcome the corona- virus outbreak. We strongly believe that the difficulties are temporary and will not affect the rapid development of China and your organization.

During your difficult and stressful period, UITP sincerely hopes to make contribution to your organisation to the best of our ability.

Take care and good luck! 

Sincerely yours, 

Mohamed Mezghani 

Secretary General 


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